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Amateur Radio Station W1JHU

On the Road with the "Roo"

As some of you may know I (Al) am an FCC licensed amateur radio operator (ham).  My call sign is W1JHU and I've been licensed for 57 years having received my novice license (WN1JHU) in 1955.  Within a few months I took the necessary FCC tests and was upgraded to General Class and finally to my current Advanced Class license.  At the home QTH (home address) I operate an YAESU FTDX5000MP (see below).   I have made many radio contacts during our stops.  In fact, I quite often will check in daily with the "240 DX Group" A wonderful group of hams from Maine, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Kuwait, England as well as other parts of the world.   It is always a pleasure to chat with them and other hams while traveling.    

I use an ICOM IC-7600 transceiver in the motorhome running 100 watts along with an ICOM SM-20 microphone.  The rig is powered by a Samlex model SEC-1223, 12VDC power supply located under the counter top. 

The antenna is a High Sierra "Sidekick" screwdriver antenna mounted atop the motorhome ladder.  I 've installed a 60" whip and capacity hat to improve my signal on the 80 and 40 meter bands.  Heavy duty quick disconnects are incorporated so the antenna can be easily taken down for travel.  Antenna grounding is accomplished via a 1"x 1/4" copper bus bar that runs the full length of the ladder and is bonded to the motorhome frame.  The antenna is remotely tune from inside the motorhome with a High Sierra remote control box.  

Here's a look at the home QTH station.  The rig is an YAESU FTDX5000MP driving a Toyko-Hi-Power HL-1.2Kfx solid state amplifier to a Palstar AT1KP antenna tuner.  The antenna is a Hustler 4BTV trap vertical encased in 2" white PVC pipe and disguised as a flagpole.  The computer is a "Shuttle Cube" running Ham Radio Deluxe, version 3.5, for rig control.  For CW I use a Vibroplex "iambic" key in conjunction with the FT5K's electronic keyer.   The microphone is an Heil PR-30. The headset is an inexpensive set from Radio Shack.










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