"On the Road Again"           

How to Contact Us While We Are Traveling

 While traveling, we can be contacted various ways.  We carry two (2) cellular telephones and check our email as often as possible.  Many of the campgrounds we stay at have "WiFi" (Internet) service so we are able to check email and update our website.   When we travel for extended periods, our wonderful neighbors (Mary and Shelly or Richard and Diana), pick up our mail daily, box it up and ship it to the campground at which we are staying.  So if you need to send us something by mail it will eventually get to us.  We also check our home telephone for voice messages.  Your feedback is truly appreciated.


Cell Telephone - 352.425.7633 (This is the primary phone we use)

Cell Telephone - 352.425.7634 (This is the secondary phone in case the primary one fails)

Website email -

Karen's email -

Al's email -



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