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Click on any gallery group link below and you will be directed to our "SmugMug" photo presentation website. Click on any sub- gallery to view a specific group of photos.  Photos can then be viewed individually by clicking on any thumbnail photo and use the up/down and left/right keys to navigate.  To view the photos in a slide show format (which is really cool) simply click the  "Slideshow" button in the upper right corner.  The slide show will run automatically. The speed can be adjusted by moving your mouse to the extreme upper left corner of the screen and select the desired speed.  You can also manually advance the slide show by moving your mouse to the center left or right side of the screen and use the displayed "forward" and "backward" arrows.  A "pause" button also appears in the center of the screen. To return to our web site simply close the "SmugMug" window.  If you have any questions or comments please email us at:



            Contains the following sub-galleries:

            1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park Medora, North Dakota

            2. North to Alaska Wildlife Photos

            3. North to Alaska Scenery Photos

            4. North to Alaska Caravan Photos

            5. North to Alaska Flower Photos

                     6. Alaska RV Tours 2009-Tour 2 Family Photos









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